Ancient Hebrew Studies

The programmes serves the Messianic Movement and the wider public by providing education for those seeking an in-depth understanding of Ancient Hebraic Studies in the context of Jewish history and spirituality. Words convey meanings and meanings will vary depending on the culture that you associate with it. In first century Israel, what did words mean to the Jews who heard them firsthand? How did they understand their meanings?

Today, in many religious circles, people define these terms according to their understanding based upon the culture we live today. This causes people to make serious mistakes in terms of how they interpret the Scriptures.

In these programmes, we are looking at some of the most common terms/concepts/practices associated with our faith today and define them using the Hebrew Scriptures that the Jews used in the first century so that we can get a better understanding of what they really mean.

The Ancient Hebraic Studies have been carefully planned to fit into a complete programme, from Certificate to PhD. In the first and second level, the student is educated in the very basics of Hebrew Roots Studies during their first and second years. In the third and fourth levels, the courses differ and do not build on the previous levels as with other Ministry, Theology and Divinity programmes. This is a result of the specialized field of Ancient Hebraic Studies and the wide field it needs to cover. However, when all the years of study are completed, the student has been holistically and thoroughly trained in the specific Hebraic field programme. 

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