The Journey

Once you have decided to enroll in Formal Studies with Qualifications for a Certificate, Diploma, Associate Degree or Degree (Honours), you are about to embark on an incredible journey of discovery. The road map is the Scriptures. The Tour Guide is the Ruach (Spirit) of YHWH. He will direct your driver and mentor, the Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute, to take you along the ancient paths which lead to the foundations of your faith in Y’shua.

The Central Purpose

Many Believers around the globe desire to seek out their God-given roots. The central purpose and design of these Under Graduate Studies is to lift up, reveal, and to make known the work and revelation of Messiah Y’shua and YHWH’s plan for the redeemed community. His revelation comes alive if we understand the full context, meaning and history of the Old and Newer Covenant Scriptures.

The Doctrine

As Believers in Messiah, we want to know the absolute truth about YHWH from His Word. To a large degree, there is much from His Word about which we can be completely confident. These are the things for which we should be willing to suffer rather than deny. However, because of our human frailties, none of us will ever know and perfectly understand all the truths in Scripture. We will never be completely able to perfectly elucidate and interpret all of Scripture. Moreover, apart from our human imperfections, there are many passages in the Bible which are extremely difficult to accurately interpret. Therefore we as an Institute do not force specific doctrines. We leave it to each and every Student how the Ruach reveals it to him/her, in other words our motto: “We Inform, You Choose”.

YHWH has called us to do two things. First, we are to never give up studying and seeking the correct interpretation of any given Bible passage. Second, such opportunities are golden moments for us to learn to show grace and love to others whose understanding of a given passage may differ from ours. Throughout our teachings we use a slightly different vocabulary to that which some might be accustomed. We have chosen to use what many refer to as a Messianic vocabulary. The reasons being: Firstly, using Hebraic-sounding words is another way to help you associate with the Hebraic Roots of your faith. Secondly, these words are not merely an outward show for us, they are truly an expression of who we are as Messianic Jews or Gentiles who have “taken hold” of our Inheritance with Israel. Instead of saying “Jesus,” we call our Saviour “Y’shua,” the way His parents would have addressed Him. In addition, rather than referring to Y’shua as “Christ,” we use the word “Messiah,” (an Anglicized version of the Hebrew Moshiach).


No matter from what background we come from, we believe that all who attend studies will be blessed. We pray that all will truly come to realize that the truth in the Scripture is more precious than gold. May the Father continue to lift the veil from your eyes and mould you into a generation that will be pleasing to Him. Let us all pray as the Psalmist in Psalm 119:18 ...

You will embark on your learning experience with us as we continue our journey into the Scriptures on the good old “ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you shall find rest for your souls…” (Jer 6:16).

We are here to prepare the Hebrew Bride for The Hebrew Messiah

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