What is Torah-observant Messianism?

Definitions and Terminology to understand Hebraics

Christianity is a belief system that is totally against the Law (Hebrew is Torah) of God, also known as the Law of Moses, which "Jesus" according to them came to fulfil. Most of its adherents do not want anything to do with the Law, Jewishness or a Jewish Messiah.

Messianism is the belief in the Messiah, the Saviour or Redeemer of the world, which is Y’shua; who is also the Son of YHWH (YaHoWaH). Messianics are the adherents of this Messianic faith, also called the Hebrew Roots faith. Not all of these believers are Torah-observant.

Messianic Judaism is a religious faith that differs from mainstream Christianity and from Judaism by combining elements of each into a single faith. Judaism is a world religion tracing its origin to the Hebrew people of the ancient Middle-East, as documented in their religious writings—the Hebrew Bible, contained in the Torah or Old Covenant. Judaists believe in YHWH as the Father.  Messianic Judaism is derived from this belief; except that Messianic Judaism adherents also firmly believe in the fact that the Messiah already came and will come again, which is Y’shua and who is also the Son of YHWH (God). Messianic Judaism believes in both the Old and New Covenant. Not all of these believers are Torah-observant.

Torah-observant Messianism is a faith of modern-day Believers returning to the perspectives and beliefs of first-century faith. The faith strongly emphasizes the completion of the unified "House of Israel" in Messiah Y’shua, made up of those that came into the Covenant. Followers believe that they have become a co-heirs and equal members of YHWH's chosen people through the blood of Y’shua the Messiah and that returning to the mindset of the first century assembly will provide deeper and more authentic insights into Hebrew idioms and first century cultural understandings presented in Scripture, for the main reason only: to understand the Torah-truths and teachings of the Scripture better. This belief system insists on the historical and literal interpretation of Scripture. HRTI’s adherents adopted this belief system.

The Phases for Restoring YHWH’s Faith

The time has arrived for the testing of the Believer to recognize and identify him/herself with him/her forsaken Biblical Hebraic Roots. The roots of the Believers of Acts, were Messianic in each and every single way as already discussed. Believe it or not, each and every thing the Jews do and hold dear is Y’shua-centered.

YHWH, through the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), is preparing to restore His Church to the biblical principles found in the Hebraic contours of its formative years. The way it will happen is not by an "outpouring" of the Spirit alone, but through a Word of YHWH revival. Here is the promise of YHWH: "My doctrine (Instructions) shall drop as the rain, my speech (Teachings) shall distill as the dew (gentle and soft), as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass (all over):"  The latter rain will be a rain of truth, and what the Church needs today is the following: "… the washing of water by the word."  What this really means is that truth of the Word will be taught sporadically around the globe, not by "a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit"  as the Charismatic movement teaches—there is not a single Scripture in the Bible teaching it—but by the literal interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures in context.

Let me give you an illustration of the significance of understanding your "Hebraic Roots" by asking this question: What did Y’shua mean when He spoke of an "evil eye" (some translations say "bad eyes") in Matt 6:23? Someone not knowing the Jewish background might suppose He was talking about casting spells. In Hebrew, having an "evil eye” means being stingy; while having a "good eye" means being generous. Our Messiah is warning against the lack of generosity and nothing else. Moreover, this fits the context perfectly: "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also...You cannot serve both YHWH and money".

Consider the following verses on why we follow our Hebraic Roots: "You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews" (John 4:22, NKJ).

"What advantage then has the Jew, or what is the profit of circumcision? Much in every way! Chiefly because to them (Jews) were committed the oracles of God" (Rom 3:1-2 NKJ).

YHWH’s Grand Strategy: Going Back to our Hebrew Roots in three stages:

What does YHWH's Grand Strategy consist of? YHWH wants the restoration of the Renewed Messianic Congregation's position and culture of the Good News of the Jewish Messiah within a Messianic Renewed identity. His second purpose is the complete and full restoration of our worship and enjoyment of all three aspects of Elohim’s Inner Nature, Father, Son and Spirit. The Church has lost that enjoyment in the wake of satan's  counter-strategy.

His third purpose is the restoration of our benefitting from the "Old" Covenant, the Hebrew Scriptures. His fourth purpose is the restoration of Y’shua, the true Messiah of Israel, in our understanding; replacing all non-Jewish misunderstandings of Him. YHWH is carrying out these purposes through three reformation/restoration movements.

a) Protestantism: The First Reformation:

Protestantism, the first Reformation that broke away from the Roman Catholic Church begun in 1517 by Martin Luther, was the restoration of the position of Y’shua to His appropriate place. This Reformation was, in hindsight, not thorough  enough, since it left enough theological, spiritual, and identity-related links behind for the counterfeit movement to stage a successful comeback. So Protestantism was not yet the full restoration of our understanding of the true  identity of Rabbi Y’shua, the Jewish Messiah. That is, Y’shua was back in His place—but as a Romanized, Gentile  God only—not as the real, original Jewish Rabbi Y’shua of Nazareth as the Jews knew Him 2,000 years ago.

b) Pentecostalism: The Second Reformation:

Pentecostalism, the second Reformation—which began in 1740, 1790, 1831, and the one on Azusa Street in 1906 which still going on today—has brought about the restoration of the position and identity of another part of God's Inner Nature, His Spirit, to His proper place in our lives and in Y’shua's Congregation; a.k.a., the Church. But again,  it was still not the full picture.

c) Return to the Ancient Paths: The Third Reformation:

Returning to the ancient paths, the third Reformation—is the revived first century faith since 1970—which is beginning to restore us to seeing both the identity and the rightful position of bringing the Hebrew Scriptures back to their proper position in our hearts and lives; teaching us the identity and teachings of Y’shua, the King of Israel. It is restoring the Jews to the original culture of the Renewed Covenant with the Jewish culture taking its proper position as their own; and restoring the body of Israel—ie., the Land and the National identity of Israel to the soul of Israel—the scattered "lost sheep" worldwide.
The cultural restoration of the Renewed Covenant is currently being carried out by erasing the linguistic, theological, cultural and religious expressions of the old-time anti-Semitism, which displaced and disfigured the assembly’s identity, position and culture. Simultaneously, it is restoring the Jewishness of our Hebraic Roots in each of these areas.

Picture, as an instance of this cultural anti-Semitism, the Hasidic Rabbi Sha'ul (Paul), a protegé of the famous Rabbi Gamaliel (Acts 22:3), wearing a tallit (prayer shawl with tzitziyot (fringes)), peyos (sidecurls) and tefilin (leather boxes placed on one´s arm and head) just like any other Orthodox Jew—since that was what he was. At the same time, contrast that picture of him with the common one: "the Apostle Paul" with a Mithraistic (sun-god worship) "Christian" halo around his head and being called "Saint" Paul by most Christian writers, and you will catch the inconsistency of the cultural anti-Semitism all at once! There are many examples of linguistic, cultural, and theological anti-Semitism in the Church today, and quite frankly we do not believe that YHWH is impressed with it.

Reviving the Roots today:

Before the light of truth has been entirely extinguished; however, the ever-searching YHWH has always identified men and women whom He could call to renewal and restoration. Such is the case in the world today.

After centuries of Hellenisation and Latinisation that replaced the gold and jewels of divine truth, on which the Church was founded with the ornament and costume jewelery of human or even pagan tradition, Believers by the millions today are demanding the restoration of the Hebraic foundations of faith, practice, and discipline through which Y’shua and the apostles expressed their devotion to YHWH.

A profound movement of renewal is restoring to YHWH’s people a passion for His Spirit and His truth. An over-Hellenised, over-Latinised Christianity is experiencing a re-Judaising process that is reattaching Christian faith to its Jewish and Hebraic Roots—this is a fact.

Our Calling is to Prepare a Hebrew Bride for the Hebrew Messiah