YESHIVA (Informal School for Studies)

You can open a Yeshiva, a Hebraic School for Informal Studies, Locally or internationally - presenting informal Studies to any Believer, Community, Area, Group or Assembly.

What is a Yeshiva?

The heartbeat of a Hebrew Community is a place at which you can study the Scriptures. Such a place is called a
   Yeshiva. Yeshiva is the Hebrew word which means 'to sit down and study'.
Many Believers seek to understand Hebraic Roots without enrolling for formal studies. HRTI has designed short
   modular courses to assist Believers to study and gain knowledge, in an informal, yet structured manner – by enlisting
   for an on-going Yeshiva programme.
We are pleased to announce that HRTI have Yeshivas available, specializing in different study courses which will
   occupy students for at least 10 years. These are:

1. Y’shua-centred Hebraic Roots of the Christian faith courses
2. Midrashic Eschatology (Jewish biblical end-time studies) courses
3. Understanding the Mysterious Spirit World from a Hebraic Perspective courses
4. Torah-observant Messianism (types and shadows of the Messiah in the Old Covenant) courses
5. And much more...
    All teachings are designed to be Y’shua-centred and to glorify Him alone
    The Statement of Faith under the heading “WHAT WE BELIEVE” is what we stand for on our website.
    Teachings focus on awakening the "lost sheep of the House of Israel" and route them back to Torah.

To open a Yeshiva, have been an on-going request by many, and since early 2008 HRTI has made this possible for people like you to open a Yeshiva on a national and international basis.

You can now apply to open a Yeshiva in your local community. The focus of the Yeshiva is to continue transforming the hearts and minds of Talmidim (students). Man was created in the image of our Heavenly Father, and these studies will help you to grow into the image of the Father and become what you have been designed to be.

How to open a Yeshiva ?

It is a requirement that all individuals who apply to open a Yeshiva (hereafter called “Yeshiva Dean”) must complete a
   Yeshiva application form.
The Yeshiva Dean can also be the Presenter of the classes for the first intake of students.
If the Yeshiva grows to a proportion that it would need subsequent Presenters, these potential presenters must come
   from the senior student body of the Yeshiva.
Yeshivas are strictly allocated to individuals and not to any Institution.
If a Yeshiva Dean relocates to another geographical area, the person can apply for a transfer of the Yeshiva to the new
   geographical area under the following conditions:

            A competent student or graduate of the current Yeshiva lodges a successful application to open a replacement
           Yeshiva at HRTI, in the current geographical location.

Yeshivas may be opened in the same geographical area as this is standard practice in Israel.
Yeshivas not in operation for a period of 12 months will be reviewed and closed. This remains the sole discretion of
   HRTI Head office.
The opening of Yeshivas in the various geographical areas is on merit and the sole discretion of the HRTI Head office.
Successful applicants will receive a Certificate for the Yeshiva with the Yeshiva Dean’s name on.
To open a Yeshiva is totally free for the Unfortunate Areas which qualify on merit and includes the items listed below
   are free.
For any other area there is a standard fee to cover the costs for the study material production and shipping. Please see
   the Yeshiva Fees on our website.

A Benefit of the Yeshiva?

HRTI Attendance Certificates are issued at the end of each year for students with a 80% attendance rate for a period
  of 12 months.
The issuing and obtaining of these certificates play a vital role:
        They contain credits, which the student later could use as proof of evidence if the student wants to enrol for formal
        These accumulated credits are considered as contributory towards the recognition for prior learning.

How do I apply to open a Yeshiva?

The Yeshiva Online registration form has to be completed on the website with every 6 month Cycle to ensure continuation and updating of information.

What and how do we learn at a Yeshiva?

The Yeshiva programme consists of various Modules. We leave the discretion to the Yeshiva Dean how often they
   want to teach and the duration of each class per week. The system is totally flexible with no fixed rules. Students can
   also vary from 1 to 100 and you may start it in your house.
Most of these courses are presented with beautiful Microsoft Pictorial PowerPoint slide-show presentations, others are
   in PDF format.
The Yeshiva Dean may choose the sequence of the material given within a specific Cycle of how it will be presented.
As said all Modules accumulate credits, should the student decide to enrol for formal studies from Certificate to a
   Doctorate at a later stage.
Yeshiva Deans may, under no circumstances, duplicate/copy any course materials or any part of the course
   presentation in any form for any person not attending a Yeshiva. Material may not be copied and sold according to the
   Copyright Law.
Yeshiva Deans may, under no circumstances, allow duplication of the ‘Yeshiva CD material, nor allow any student to
   do so. Failure to communicate this clearly to your students could result in abuse of the above mentioned. This could
   result in the instant closure of your Yeshiva. Material may not be copied and sold according to the Copyright Law.
Please note that the Course Materials on CD for the Yeshiva is updated from time to time as new information is
   researched. It is the responsibility of the Yeshiva Dean to obtain the upgrade information available on the website.
   Materials will be date-stamped for identification purposes. The cost for an update and shipping is borne by the Yeshiva
   as mentioned in the Yeshiva Fees on the website.

Do I receive a Certificate when I attend a Yeshiva?

Annual Attendance Certificates are awarded during November – December of each year, on the following conditions:
        An 80% continuous attendance rate for 2 Cycles attendance in one Calendar Year.
        Student knowledge has to be obtained from a minimum of 2x Yeshiva Cycles per 12 months.

Can I affiliate with HTG when I apply for a Yeshiva?

Affiliation is optional and can be done through the application for Affiliation on our Website.