Our Motto

What do we stand for…

Our motto at HRTI remains: “We Inform, You Choose”. It is the work of the Ruach (Spirit) to direct and to teach you, not man’s, smile.

The medieval commentator Rashi wrote that the Hebrew word for wrestle (avek) implies that Jacob was "tied", for the same word is used to describe knotted fringes in a Jewish prayer-shawl, the tzitzityot. Rashi says, "thus is the manner of two [people] who struggle to overthrow each other, that one embraces [the other] and knots him with his arms". My (our) intellectual wrestling had been replaced by a different kind of struggle: "Wrestling with God." It is an intimate act, symbolizing a relationship in which God and I are bound together. My wrestling is a struggle to discover what God expects of me, and I am "tied" to the One who assists me in that struggle.

Today, many say Israel means “Champion of God”, or better -- the “Wrestler of God”.

Believers on this HRTI site are encouraged to constantly challenge, question, argue against, as well as view alternative views and explanations of the Word. In other words, we are to “wrestle with the Word” to get to the truth. Jews worldwide believe that you need to wrestle with the Word and constantly challenge Dogma, Theology, and views or else you will never get to the Truth. Jews' logic is based on the idea that when we sit around a table and look at a Coke bottle, not everybody sees the same detail on the bottle -- yet it is the same bottle. Each person’s view will differ and must differ to add to the full picture of the bottle. If we all have the same views and opinions then we become full of wisdom and knowledge -- making us equal to YHWH, which will never be! Listen to what YHWH thunders: "But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses (best actions, teachings, etc) are as filthy rags (as the rag of a menstruous woman); and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away." (Isaiah 64:6).

We will always differ, and it is very healthy to reason with the Word but not with individuals. Meaning “help me to see what is on the other side of the Coke bottle”. This concept is vividly practiced among Jewish Scholars and HRTI, as demonstrated many times by Y’shua. A thinking approach that is totally against the ‘one way traffic’ of the Western Church... “The preacher talks and everyone listens.” This is possibly the main reason for the division in the Body of Messiah; there is no room at all for reasoning or to differ.

We, as the only Educational Institution globally, do not prescribe a certain Dogma, especially when you enrol for Formal Studies to earn a Qualification.

Become a champion "wresler" and enrol now!

Shalom Aleichem

HRTI Vision

Our purpose is to assist the Torah-Observant Messianic Community in training Believers to develop and grow as Leaders and to expand YHWH’s (God’s) Kingdom – to be obedient to the Great Commission.

HRTI Mission

To be the Institute of choice where real followers of Y’shua Messiah explore the knowledge that is hidden within the pages of the Bible through Formal and Informal Learning.

How do we do it:

We are an Institution for Torah Observant Messianism which uses e-learning technology to equip Talmidim (Students) with quality education, while adhering to a Torah-Observant value system.

Our aim is to develop knowledge of the Word of YHWH, to be able to teach and support it, and to advocate the continual study thereof..

We equip men and women with the skills to be effective witnesses, leaders, and stewards of the Good News of Messiah Y’shua in Messianic Assemblies and Churches around the world.